Why is Green a Red Word?

By Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen

Artist book in six parts. 66 pages. 10 B/W A3 posters. Plastic cover. Pantone color.
Published by Art Laboratory Berlin 2013. Graphic design Kenan Darwich.
Numbered edition of 250. Signed by the artist.
ISBN: 978-3-9813234-2-9
Price: 20 €

Why is Green a Red Word? is based on a long term artistic research project on the neurological based phenomenon synesthesia. Some people experience peculiar multi- sensory perceptions of for instants words or sounds and this book reflects on its relation to art, science and language. It presents essays and an archive of interviews and conceptual video works as well as posters. They are prints of a series of black ink drawings called Number Forms depicting how some people visualize numerals in a certain form in space.

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Artist Book
- Why is Green a Red Word?
- By Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen
- 2013, English 66 pages.

Video lecture on Why is Green a Red Word?
-At the international interdisciplinary conference ”Synaesthesia. Discussing a Phenomenon in the Arts, Humanities and (Neuro-) Science” organized by Art Laboratory Berlin in Berlin, 2013.

Dear Patient Listener
- Performance speech by Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen
- 2010, English 1 page, download as PDF >>

“I spy something...” – Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen’s works on synesthesia
- By Dr. Sabine Flach & Dr. Gerhard Scharbert
- 2010, English, download as PDF >>

My home is where my mind is
- On Anonymous Nomad by Andrei Craciun
- 2009, English, download as PDF >>
- download poster with text >>

Talk Between Classes
- 2007, English, download as PDF >>

Give me a lie I can understand rather
than a truth I don’t understand
- On SOBJECT by Anja Raithel
- 2007, Danish, download as PDF >>